Wednesday, 11 January 2012

MAS: Fools and Bloody Fools

Another Brick in the Wall exploding.
Well done, Sir

“One problem with the unions was that they are not united. Reliable sources claimed the union representing the Managers are only interested to save their own arse by bodeking the new management to lend them support despite knowing Danny Yusof's turnaround plan fall short of being amateurish work and is doomed to fail again.”

“From the beginning, MASEU knew that the collaboration will not work and it will not favour MAS and employees. They also knew that the management has no idea of how to turnaround MAS and is merely out to chop chop the company.

WTF are they not asserting themselves? Why should they be dabbling over issues like anti-trust laws? Who gives a Mother's damn?

Let's deal with the long list of foolish works by the fools calling themselves management later.

Why are the unions and staff not coming out and be more forceful to protect the company and employees from the corporate sharks devouring the company? Instead, most of the staff are saving their own skin by leaving the company before others flood the job market.

Bloody fools!”

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  1. Airasia taking Sydney!

    1. AA is picking up the better routes and leaving MAS those they can't make money.