Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Press Statement

Press Statement By Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman,
Former Managing Director of Malaysia Airline System
23 July 2012

"In the interest of the good name of our National Carrier and also the Nation, I suggest that colours of the Logo and livery on the A380 aircraft be reverted to the airline’s original colours as soon as possible, before it is too late."

The colours of the Logo and the Livery of the MAS A380 aircraft are outrageously wrong. They are wrong for at least two main reasons.

Firstly, the new colours have deviated from the original tradition and objective of the official colours of the national carrier. The colour of the logo has ignored the original tradition and history of the creation of the logo.

The original colour of the logo was red depicting one of the prominent colours of our Flag – the Jalur Gemilang as MAS is the country’s Flag Carrier. Later, dark blue colour was added as one of the main colours of our flag. All these were chosen and approved by the government and in particular YAB Tun Abdul Razak. The airline operated throughout the periods of all the Prime Ministers in those colours.

The latest Prime Minister that approved the logo was Tun Mahathir Mohamad. I remember going to see him with the designer Encik Johan to get his blessing. He was the one who suggested that the Logo on the tail of the aircraft be tilted slightly to give the aerodynamic look.

Secondly, the new different colour of the Logo is in conflict with the basic principle of branding in business. It portrays the image of confusion among the consumers and reflects badly on the management. No business organization would do such a thing.

Furthermore, in this case the A380 aircraft will be flying all over the world. It will create a bad image for our National Carrier.

In the interest of the good name of our National Carrier and also the Nation, I suggest that colours of the Logo and livery on the A380 aircraft be reverted to the airline’s original colours as soon as possible, before it is too late.

In this regard, I think the government should investigate to find out as to who had decided on the new colours without sound reasoning and direct the management accordingly.


Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman


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    1. Yes, the people responsible for this confusion must be held accountable. Clearly all of them do not know what branding is all about. The Marketing Head claims "more thsn 80% of their social media responded they like the funeral blue logo.Wah, of course la if one person vote 80 times out of 100 responses, you sure get 80% right? Did he do a survey amongst staff? No. Did he engage with staff before the funeral blue logo was rolled out? No. This is a real case of syok sendiri among those who made this decision, guided (or MISguided) by the consultants!

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  4. Actually, MAS problem is very simple.
    The rot started from TR but after 15 years MNY, AFD, IJ, TAZ, AJ all could not and didn't know how to fix it except makan gaji buta.
    The solution is simple, find the common factor and fix it from the root source. Back to basic maaa!

    Tan Sri has given many clues, masih buta dan pekak kah?
    Hai yaa, wo zhu zai zhe, bu shi you ke !!!

  5. TONTO

    Care to explain how did TR started the rot?

    Be specific.

    If without proof, at least show an argument "without reasonable doubts."

    Otherwise, you'll be making the accusation like former CCID Chief Dato Ramli Yusof.

    Such accusation without substantiating was his work as orchestrated by twisted MAS's out-source lawyer, Rosli Dahlan.

    Accuse of something but not substantiated. The rest of letter talks of something else.

  6. After the share suap we are still facing topless management or water in the head management under the clueless idiot.

    For the past 11 months, what do we get in MAS. Business Plan after Business Plan. Organisational chart after organisational chart. we get the clueless Aj to give up Sydney additional route to the Pariah. certain MAS schedules were given to the Pariah. Can you imagine how MAS is going to get support of its passengers when it is arriving at its destination 4:30 am!

    Only the clueless wold agree to this. Now an airline with two logos. One for A380 and another for the other aircraft. What a laughing stock that this clueless AJ.

    Now that Nanny Danny and Rozman had disappeared from MAS, AJ please bring the Botak Azhari and Al-Ishal with you on your way out. The disgusting lots.