Saturday, 13 July 2013


Day After Day Gomen Doing The Moron Things.
Folks, makin lama Gomen kita makin mati akal. They are doing mindboggling things with little or no thinking put in. Then when it becomes too controversial they either cancel it, "tarik balik', drop the subject or just Flip Flop. 

1. The Gomen's overeagerness on the TPPA shows the Gomen really does not know what is best for the country.  The Gomen is drifting in La La land. 

2. Now the Gomen is considering crafting another law to replace the Emergency Ordinance that has been abolished.  Who asked you to abolish the Emergency Ordinance and the ISA in the first place? 

No one asked for the EO to be abolished. The Pembangkang only asked to abolish the ISA. The abolishment of the ISA plus the EO took even the Pembangkang by surprise. Pembangkang pun terkejut. Now the Gomen itself says crime is rising because the EO has been abolished !! Tak nampak bodoh ke bang?  

3. After that the Gomen tried to rush through the "Unilateral Religious Conversion Bill" - another piece of really tak masuk akal legislation. Only to create another huge controversy and then having to "tarik balik" that  Bill also. Another flip flop - nampak bodoh lagi. What is wrong with the Gomen? 

4. Then the Gomen went and established diplomatic ties with the Vatican. Some guy wearing a dress representing the Vatican is now in town and saying silly things that have only stirred up more useless, totally useless religious tension in this perfect land.  You can click on this link here to read more : 

Pasal apa pi jemput mangkuk hayun macam ini masuk negara kita? 

Every other day the Gomen seems to be shooting itself in the foot (or in the @$$). Cant they get anything right?  

5.  Norman Fernandez has already spoken about the Gomen's plan to give refugees jobs.

6.  And here is another controversial action - now the Gomen wants NON-MUSLIM students in private universities to study Islamic Civilisation as compulsory TITAS subjects. Pasal apa pula? 

(They changed the livery (colour and appearance) on the MAS A380 Airbus  so that the stationery, crockery and napkin suppliers can make money.  Petronas and some Ministries have changed their logo to give new contracts to the stationery suppliers and ad agencies. Its all about someone making easy money.) Janganlah buat kerja bodoh. Buat lah kerja dengan baik.  

Kalau bukan senang nak jadi pandai macam itu juga bukan susah nak jadi 'tak bodoh'. 

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  1. Another moron supported by moron gomen!

    “AirAsia may be almighty in Southeast Asia, but it wasn’t fit to provide the meticulous service called for in Japan,” Mr. Shimizu said. “Even a low-cost carrier requires attentive service, and the airline was not up to task.”

    Speaking privately, an All Nippon official pointed to numerous shortfalls in the level of service AirAsia brought to Japan."