Friday, 19 December 2014

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing!

FORMER MAS STAFF SPEAKS: There's much fuss about Jentayu going public with their offer to Khazanah. It deem as unprofessional. Not going to argue with that. There may be truth in it at Corporate level. There's also some good in it as a layman tax payer like me, least I know there's an option available on the table and when if Khazanah fail, we know wrong decision made.

Am not hoping that Khazanah fail, in fact I really hope they could revive the National icon, but looking at things, it is pointing to that. This is because of the steps taken ever since the 12 point plan announced in August, after 4 months, no progress seems to be made. In August the announcement made that the current CEO contract is renewed till July 2015 where the New Co takes over, recently announced of Mr Muller will take helm on January and hoping that he could be released from his contract that ends May as early as March 2015. Now, for a stupid man like me, I am thinking like are we going to operate with 2 CEO between March-July or May to July? Even if it is a handing over kind of thing, do the Company need to pay 2 highly paid personnel in a CEO for 2-6 months? As said earlier, a stupid man like me won't be able to understand. 

Another point is, while waiting for the New Co to take off, what are the things that are currently be done to stop the rot? 3rd quarter financial result is not encouraging at all and we are in the last quarter, are we saying that while waiting for the New Co and the new CEO, all remains status quo? Means let it ail at the moment till the MAS Act in place & New Co set up? At last while acknowledging that the Industrial Relation needs to improve by the point 9 in the 'Rebuilding the National Icon" paper, i.e.. Strengthen industrial relations and internal alignment a. A critical component of the Recovery Plan involves significantly improved industrial relations. b. New measures and practices, including an enhanced Employee Consultative Panel (“ECP”) to better align staff, unions, and management, are critical conditions of the Recovery Plan. will only take place after the other 8 points settled? If a Head of Division or Management that will not be absorbed into the New Co identified, can't they be removed now? Maybe to save face, I agree, but they should be moved to another area where less critical so that less damage can be inflicted. I am quite sure some of them already have some indicator that they will not be offered, what do you think the effort they will put into the airline? Most definitely not 100%. They may be seen as 100%, but in their heart they have stated to look for other opportunities outside. Is this good for the recovery plan?

In June 2013, I was involved in a revamp of a Chinese owned Company where they have removed 70% of their top Management via VSS. The manner they are doing it, from a Corporate background person like me, I will say it is ruthless. But they are not bothered because they say the longer the delay, not good for the Company. It was top secrecy, they only know of it in the morning of the meeting, meaning yesterday work was a 100% effort. They were paid handsomely that will keep them survive at least 3 months after the VSS, so they can look for job within the 3 months and not during Company's time. Heard of a proverb, "Sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind"?

As mention time and again, I am involved in the current Company's operation though I am no longer in service. I do it as a favour to friends close to me. The friends I am referring to sometimes comes from the management side, some from union side, Small favours like assisting in investigation of cases, drafting letters, etc. Something need to be done immediately and not wait for July 2015. Simple things sometime made difficult because lack of knowledge and me being the subject matter expert then, gain the knowledge the hard making mistakes along the way when was in service with the Company, helping out is a gesture of appreciation for who I am now. I owe much to the Company. If there's a Khaznah people reading, please act immediately to put the house in order and not wait till July.

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