Saturday, 17 December 2011

Organisational Diagnosis: Another symptom?

below is another gem by MAS employee reproduced from:

Anonymous on December 17, 2011 at 1:52 pm

After 30 years in MAS, and now into the 7th MD/CEO, I can say with conviction that any hope of any recovery can be safely dumped into the deepest dustbin.
Every business plan/transformation plan is rolled out as a quick-fix to the problems of the day, and ignores the rot and the weakest point in mas, which is the way people are hired, trained, developed (or not) and rewarded/punished.

Discipline, responsibiity and accountability are just words. Acts of misconduct or negligence are dealt with by double standards for years. A person known for dishonesty can be promoted to a position of high responsibilty because of “”connections”, in fact the joke is, the bigger you fumble, the higher you gonna be promoted, provided of course, you have ‘godfathers’.

Even when the company is bleeding and on its knees, recruitment and promotions (barely justifiable) continues. The performance mgmt system, run for 5 years, is just a form filling exercise. When vacancies esp at high levels occur, speculation and horsetrading and ‘negotiations’ determine who gets the post. The so-called talent mgmt dept claims to have a talent list no-one knows about, and in any case, when mas keeps bringing in people from outside, the list is as good as toilet paper.

The HR division is run by little napoleons whose motto is ‘do what we say, not what we do’. The new lady with 2 years khazanah training came in to ‘trnaform’HR but she just recycled the same old stale wine in new packaging, and ended up with trusted leiutenants, the Vps who have absolutely no credibilty or capabilty to speak of. One of the great jokes of the transformation is to organise kite-flying for staff!!

Now with the new CEO and deputy again parachuted from outside, we have 3 structures and 2 biz plans in 3 mths with changes to come, before stf can understand one, another comes out. This duo, for all their claimed qualifications have no clue how to manage. Plans are rolled out with scant understanding of the sentiment on the ground.

Sure, they dont have to bother abt the staff (after all arent we responsible for the mess?) but they forget, in order to drive their biz plans (even though the plan is full of holes) it is these same stf they have to buy-in to make it work. Now, stf have to depend on second hand news, rumours etc to find out whats going on, in “dialogues’with unions, only vague and contradictory answers are given, finally, the credibilty of these 2 as far as the stf are concerned is ZERO.

The whole issue of mas is the PEOPLE, many good and loyal ones who are simply outnumbered by the politiking goons. Put the untrustworthy nonexec union into the whole pot, then what we end up with is a great big mess which made us vulnerable to predators, as has now happened.

We simply brought it upon ourselves.MAS is doomed.


  1. It is sad when those who so called policy holder just rundown the policy for the sake of kawan kawan and those who can speak well but not do the job well. In so called Human capital alone, there are upgrading without assessment or open internal vacany notice/ interview which is supposed to take place. It just only takes an appoinment letter and thats it.

    There are newly upgraded managers and heads in so called HC who are really incompetent in their areas. Most of them are not mentally fit to embrace the challenges and understand that Human Resource is the business partner, not operational routine department. They dont have strategic and critical mindset to look their role into bigger picture. The impact, manpower cost increase which is almost 35% in HC on the salary paid to the top heavy and the. result, transformation journey is failed because it has too many things, not focus and its done BACKWARDS by incompetent people who runs the department.

    Talent management which is supposed to have assessment, competency framework and structured succession plan has failed to play a role (until now there are no structured system announced) where incompetent managers and senior managers have been appointed to run Human Capital. Job evaluation which have been done on several positions in HC are redundant or not achieved the desired point have been approved, even the committee have raised the concern. Portfolio and Business Engagement department is one of unclear role which needs Senior Manager and two Managers to run the show although it was labelled a "postman job".

    It is also happened to other division and department as well where the incompetent person being upgraded without proper assessment on the competency desired in performing the job. It is a huge mistake and the result in this ten years has reveal. We never achieved people excellence since that. If those guys up there are competent enough to bring the good business, we shouldnt being in red ink for past ten years. They should work effectively to bring the money not waste it. in this sense, HC has failed to identify right person for the right position and the consequence is massive. Wrong people for wrong job and worst, wrong pay, with high salaries.

    HC supposed to be the backbone of the organization, but what happen now it needs remedy to fix the "slip discs". And it is too late now as people leaving and most of people now just wait for their destiny on any announcement made by AJ and Danny soon. It is sad to see those talents, the right people, jump ship or sinking with their loyalty but not seen by this so called HC.

  2. Very well put, anon 1:14.
    In a nutshell, GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

    Keep in touch, we will strike when the iron is hot.

  3. "in fact the joke is, the bigger you fumble, the higher you gonna be promoted" is very true.

    2 years ago somebody was promoted because of

    Thursday April 16, 2009
    MAS with RM3.57bil surplus cash eyeing to buy another airline

  4. Indeed it is "family matters" in MAs and its division where HC didnt see any conflict of interest when family members working together in a department and reporting to each other. There are cases involve several high levels with family members working under them, sharing information and plan their immediate families for legacy to build the empire. And this is damaging when HC allow this because of the positions of some favorable of senior management level. What a shame on HC which supposed to be organizational capabilities advisor and strong on policies but just gave in for the sake of so called EVP, Division's CEO, SVP, VP, SM etc.