Thursday, 15 March 2012


YB WCK wrote;
Not a bad business deal after all! “NOW EVERYONE CAN TAKE MAS FOR A RIDE!” No wonder AirAsia X Sdn Bhd officer announced with confidence that those affected 30,000 passengers can still travel to their destinations without having to pay extra charges in fare.

“European” wrote;
We are following this with great interest and have all respect for the support given to MAS by such a honourable MP. …Chapeau, as the french would say.
We all wonder what else must happen, until officials move in and stop such a obvious robbery (does it take openly carried firearms until officials wake up??)
Not even the Mafia in Italy would dare to rob a company so openly.
Considering MAS is owned by the public, what happens to your Press and TV..?? are they as corrupt too ??? The staff of MAS and the People of Malaysia should stand up against this obvious crime… Even the Press in Europe starts looking at it with increasing interest.
Attracting Tourist for a country that accepts open robbery ??? Attacting business and investment????I don´t think so..
Stand up and bring these jokers to justice.. what more evidence is needed to get all those criminals to jail??? Laws, Corporate Governance… all unheard of?? good luck to those suffering…

MT wrote;
Run idiots, run (while you can) !!!!!

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