Friday, 30 March 2012

Learn how to ‘read’ and not just ‘count’.

Well said, Doc.
These barbarians must now learn how to ‘read’ and not just ‘count’.

“What we do today will have an impact on the future generations. Let not future generations urinate on our graves.”
The Corporate Objectives of MAS as laid down by the founding fathers were as follows:
1. To provide the people of Malaysia with an efficient and profitable air transport system which enhances the standing of the Nation and policies of its Government.
2. To develop an efficient domestic service within Malaysia which also directly links Sabah and Sarawak with Peninsular Malaysia and contributes to the economic and social integration of the country a a whole.
3. To select, train and develop personnel using the most up-to-date and appropriate managerial techniques.
4. To provide simultaneously competitive and profitable international services which support Malaysia’s trade, tourism and other activities.
5. To contribute meaningfully to national aspirations and foster an organisation which is in harmony with the multi-racial objectives of Malaysia.
I sometime wonder whether these Corporate Objectives are in the minds of the people in MAS today.
The Pioneers of MAS embraced these Corporate Objectives with passion and commitment and treating them like a marathon with no end in sight. Implied in the Corporate Objectives, MAS belongs to the people of Malaysia and shall be managed by the people of Malaysia. Only Malaysians knows the national aspirations. So as not to deviate away from these Corporate Objectives, good corporate governance was put in place and strictly adhered to.
Measured against these Corporate Objectives, it is obvious that MAS has lost its direction. Since 1994, MAS has not only changed in Form but also in Character.
Voyage report is a must for every flight….events that are out of the ordinary are reported in the voyage report. Upgrading from economy class to higher classes after cabin doors are closed are reported in the voyage report and it is highly improbable that the Flight Crew of the flight would fabricate such report. Upgrading of passengers from lower class to higher class prior to a flight (pre-arranged) will not be reported in the voyage report.
In so far as the transfer of AA passengers to MAS is concerned, I wonder what fare was charged when such passengers are uplifted. If there is no bilateral Agreement between two airlines, normal full published fare should be charged and if there is bilateral Agreement the mutually agreed fare (which may be lower than the published fare) will be charged. Other conditions in such bilateral Agreement may include the period of travel as determined by the receiving carrier. What about other terms and conditions of carriage? For example baggage allowance, meals on board (as it would not be appropriate for MAS Cabin Crew to serve inflight meals/refreshments to MAS genuine passengers and not the AA transferred passengers or charge them for inflight meals/refreshments).
For what it is worth, my personal view is that in order for MAS to move forward is to REGROUP, adhere to good corporate governance, effectively manage cost, abhor acts of indiscipline, ahbor wastage, remain focused on National Aspirations and strongly supported by the relevant Government Agencies (like MOT, DCA, MAHB, CIQ), Hoteliers, Tours Operators and Ground Transporters etc…..National Interest above personal interest.
What we do today will have an impact on the future generations. Let not future generations urinate on our graves.
March 29, 2012 at 2:50 pm


  1. Good news!
    G going to bring back orang lama to clean up these mess.

  2. Very good, better hurry than sorry. Top management been humiliated big time at townhall session. Kan dah maluuuu besar!

  3. Inilah dinamakan sindrom bodoh sombong.

  4. The present MAS management is scandalous. After the exposure of the upgrading of the maid by Rashdan (Amok’s crony), his position is untenable. He no longer command any respect from MAS staff.

    To condone this act of abused of power by Rashdan, will also make AJ and Md Nor position equally untenable too.

    With such going on in MAS management, AJ and Md Nor are no longer fit to lead. The longer they wait to take the necessary actions against Amok’s crony will make the situation worst. It will also affect Amok’s position in Khazanah.

  5. Do you know Danny demanded the MHMAIL ID Danny from captain Danny Quah who was using this memoid for the last 19years! It was done by mhIT dept. Such arrogance from a junior staff called deputy MD.

  6. PM Gillard. RE: AirAsia airline trading while insolvent. Read the following article: Why does the ACCC and the Australian government allow a Malaysian airline that is clearly lacking funds to meet operational expenses and/or refund thousands of passengers after cancelling its French, Indian, UK and NZ routes - and leaving passengers stranded - to continue to operate in this country? Two weeks ago it cut its NZ routes and stated that passengers must get to Australia out of their own pocket if they wish to get the continued flight to KL. And we are welcoming this broken down operator into Sydney?????????? Please explain! + Lastly, how good do you think their safety/maintenance can be when they are insolvent? Well, take a look at the report here! + It's also somewhat concerning that there is a racist underbelly within AirAsia that the airlines CEO, Tony Fernandes, apparently doesn't like white people - "We're Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airlines" BUT, he failed to acknowledge a white guy created AirAsia Good luck, Aussies. You can knock us for being negative, some of you will thank us, but wait 'til you're one of those thousands of people who have been robbed of your money, we can guarantee you'll agree with everything we're saying.

    AIRFARE COMPARISON SURVEY #2 - AirAsia Cheap, Nasty and More Expensive Than Full Service Airlines. This from Ben Sandilands 'Plane Talking' regards the Airfare Comparison Survey: "A day before Air Asia X starts its Sydney-Kuala Lumpur flights a valid fare comparisons on the Air Asia Not Me website suggests that the airline will struggle to convince all but the laziest of shoppers that it is consistently cheaper at various value points."

    Budget Airlines.

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    AirAsia A$831.49

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    AirAsia $758.00

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    Tiger A$410.38
    AirAsia A$550.00

    Full-Service Airlines

    Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta
    KLM Royal Dutch US$129.00
    AirAsia US$141 [+++ baggage,
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  7. Dr Don,

    Yes indeed.

    We had seen the best during our times in Aviation.

    In the final analysis...

    It is impossible to compare what Singapore has achieved to what all these four countries had so far achieved.

    It was actually “poor management and corruption”, and nothing more.

    Everything is done for the vested interest of the few.

    The Broken Shield: LEE KUAN YEW : AT 85 , THE FIRE STILL BURNS - http://thebrokenshield.blogspo...burns.html

    You be the judge.