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European on March 16, 2012 at 9:30 pm

We are following this with great interest and have all respect for the support given to MAS by such a honourable MP. …Chapeau, as the french would say. We all wonder what else must happen, until officials move in and stop such a obvious robbery (does it take openly carried firearms until officials wake up??) Not even the Mafia in Italy would dare to rob a company so openly.
Considering MAS is owned by the public, what happens to your Press and TV..?? are they as corrupt too ??? The staff of MAS and the People of Malaysia should stand up against this obvious crime… Even the Press in Europe starts looking at it with increasing interest.
Attracting Tourist for a country that accepts open robbery ??? Attacting business and investment????I don´t think so..
Stand up and bring these jokers to justice.. what more evidence is needed to get all those criminals to jail??? Laws, Corporate Governance… all unheard of?? good luck to those suffering…

Old Man on March 18, 2012 at 7:36 pm
If the MAS Strategic Comms person described the discussion on the unwinding th CCF as interfering with the authorities considerations and speculative, I see the PR of TS Md Noh as even worse.

TS Md Nor has preempted the eagerly awaited decision of the PM. TS Md Nor has now put undue public pressure on the PM to decide in favor of the CCF. TS Md Nor has publicly told the PM that he and the BOD are in favor of the CCF.
By reviving hs plans to relocate Air Asia Grop to Indonesia, Tony Fernandez has also put the pressure on the PM. To put it bluntly, PM, you screw me, I leave Malaysia and take my business where he climate is more conducive to my style of business.

Well, PM, for playing dumb and taking such a long time to do something decisive about this travesty, you have now landed yourself in hot soup. It damn if you do damn if you dont. But remember it is Selangor that is at stake.

Shameless AMOK on March 19, 2012 at 1:25 am
What have been stated by the Italians were about the incompetency of the three stooges in MAS namely Tan Sri Md Nor, Rashdan and AJ. It was all due to idea hatched by the former BinaFikir boys Tan Sri Azman and Rahsdan. They have done once to MAS and now they did it again this name with Tan Sri Azman in Khazanah and Rashdan seconded to MAS. This will be another WAU to asset stripped MAS. Watch out MAS staff. MAS staff must be in full alert to watch out what the three stooges are doing in MAS and exposed each and every time so that they have no where to hide. Sabotage their hidden agenda so that MAS will be save.
This Tan Sri Md Nor has done so much damage to MAS under WAU and yet he was trying to defend Rashdan and AJ. When they had to rely on PlaneConsult to chart their course what hope has MAS go under them. PlaneConsult MD is Conor McCarthy and he is also the co-founder of AirAsia and a director of AirAsia. Need I tell you more? MAS will be cannibalized until nothing in a few months time if not weeks.

Ahmad of MAS on March 19, 2012 at 2:05 pm
Share swap and CCF were con jobs from the start. using the media especially the Star to hook wink the nation that MAS is in trouble and AirAsia is healthy. Bullshit.

It is AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd that are in trouble. Hence the infiltrations of AirAsia staff into MAS. Clear examples: Rozman Omar as CFO, Azhari Dhallan as head of Engineering and Nor Zalida Ahamd as head of Strategic Com. These are all idiots whoe will later join the Panamera Deadwood in MAS.

PM must step in now and I mean now to stop the rot created by Amok’s crony Rashdan, Tan Sri Md Nor the man behind WAU and AJ the chair warmer. Sack these idiots and MAS will be saved.

We know better in MAS. So PM please act and act now. TIme is not on the said of MAS because the idiots and the Red Indian are using PlaneConsult to screw up MAS.

Kunyit Hidup on March 21, 2012 at 12:37 am
Rome is not the only station, similar fate for staffs in other bungkus stations too. Pity them very loyal to MAS though non-Malaysian. Many of them clocked more than 10 years. Suddenly – here is your 3 months Pay & Go!

Current sifus are inadvertently claiming that the previous managements were useless by showing the unbalance book by minus nine-to-ten zeros. As a result of that, let us choose who is the victim of mismanagement:

A. Former MD – graduated as MAS Chairman, Md Noor
B. Former MD – transformed as a Malaysian Minister, Idris Jala
C. Former MD – promoted as one of Khazanah CEO, Tg Azmil
D. Current staff – cut to the bones or take Pay & Go.

kapakhalus on March 21, 2012 at 3:23 pm
The regimes after Tan Sri Aziz have never surpassed him. When Tan Sri Aziz sold and lease back few aircraft to generate some funds and to pay some bonuses to MAS staff, MAS maintained the ownership of its properties (buildings, offices, stations’ offices, holiday apartments so on) worldwide. The lease back scheme provided MAS with the option to own the aircraft again.

However, when Mohd Nor and Rashdan came aboard, they unbundled MAS aircraft to SPM (Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia) and “pawn” MAS areas at the KLIA to generate some multi-billion funds.

But when Idris Jala and Azmil were at helm, they sold 90% MAS properties to generate a billion plus plus funds. They spent off the Government pay-off for surrendering MAS East Operations to pay many MAS staff who were less than two years to retire. They did not get the numbers they targeted and have bad forecasting as they hired more staff soon after.

Now that Mohd Nor and Rashdan are back and brought in a poor AJ as the Group CEO, they collaborate with AA to spin off what are left with MAS:-
(a) MAS owned profitable business units like Flight Simulator, MAS Academy, and the among the biggest – MAS Cargo and MAS Engineering. Once spin-off, MAS owned very little or nothing and for every services, MAS will be paying extra instead of at cost currently.
(b) MAS major and mandatory expenditure disguised under procurement collaboration – Insurance which a de javu of TR’s Cenderawasih Sdn Bhd
(c) among the last remaining MAS “properties” – MAS Complex A and B, MAS office in London for RM1 billion plus.
(d) this team is waiting to sign off with AA JV companies to spin off MAS remaining assets.
(e) to break MAS operations into short and long hauls which made no business sense at all.
(e) the staff either in the air or on ground have given undivided supports not only to maintain their quality of works and prize performances which won many accolades. Malaysians are very proud of MAS achievements.

ALL the brilliant minds at the helm of MAS after Tan Sri Aziz went on selling or lease back of MAS properties that MAS is unlikely to own them back. These “brilliant mind of Ivy Leagues” graduates are best at selling MAS properties but not on selling seats to generate more revenues to improve cash funds. ALL of them cried high and higher operating cost as if it was not the case in the past and not happening to other premier airlines. ALL of them making fancy presentations to WOW the audiences. ALL of them brought in many Consultants and ex-Consultants at top pays but fail to boost MAS core businesses.

None of these brilliant minds really posted operating profits. The Board and the Top Management teams made and decided on strategic matters.

If the Government fails to act fast, MAS is left with almost nothing. MAS will be stripped to the bone. Almost half of MAS existing workforce will lose their jobs and will impact directly on their dependents.

AIR IDIOTS on March 30, 2012 at 11:02 pm
Yusof uban, ha ha another deadwood from Md nor MD era. Md nor , AJ n Danny were humiliated big time at townhall yesterday. Never in corporate history Malaysia or even in the world , the top management were ridiculed and made to look stupid. Well done, MESA esp Matdiah. You are exemplary Malaysian indeed.

Anonymous on April 3, 2012 at 12:21 pm
I must say that being the only low cost airline in the world AA, compare to Jet Airways, Jetstar, Kingfisher etc…Is the only airline that CLAIM to be profitable all years around… Senang dpt landing right, n the best part can overlap with national Carrier MAS route… Management still giving FUEL reason… AA pakai air ka ?
Everytime big bosses tukar, new batch of kroni bwk whole batch of team, bosses leave, tapi kroni tinggal, new boss again with new set of kroni masuk errr must i said new TEAM…pasal tu lah if we look at Australia operation at least 3 manager satu route, if ade SYD! MEL! ADL!PER, kira dah ade 12 MANAGER tu, aprt manager, station manager, area manager….wahhhhh belum kira executive lagi…..even SQ they only have only 1 manager to control whole operation in Australia, yg lain cuma executive…..if dah berzaman asyik rugiiiiii aje, well which department n who should we executed first? Definately the bosses coz they are paid ratusan ribu, marketing people asyik lah failllll , they should be fired, mengakulah, poor management n big boss yg travel like this arline belongs to them. on April 4, 2012 at 11:29 pm
Another bollocking parrot :
“Walau bagaimana pun, kerugian berkenaan hanyalah berbentuk kerugian perakaunan (paper loss) dan bukannya kerugian sebenar MAS. Secara keseluruhannya MAS telah mencatatkan keuntungan sebanyak RM522.95 juta pada tahun 2009 dan RM237.35 juta pada tahun 2010.”

The reality:
As at Dec 31, 2007, MAS had RM 5.25 billion in cash and bank balance and as at Dec 31, 2011, MAS cash pile was less than RM1 bil.
Where has the RM 4.25 billion gone to in 4 years?


  1. Problem with MAS,corporate governance of this GLC is extremely poor and wasteful.I have been with MAS almost 30 years,never have I've seen so much conspiracy and endless frauds.

    Perhaps Government officials have also their hands on this company. Rakyat terbulur,ko - parat figures makin tak senonoh..

    What's up with PM? Senyap and tido lagi nampak...Time to shake these fellas pants down!!

  2. The upgrading of the maid and baby was also in breach of the following circular from the customer services division:
    GEN-003-R01 dated 03-SEPT 2002.
    clearly stated on pg2 is: “On no account shall EY pax be Double upgraded into FRCL”

    PM planned the ccf to save CIMB and AA. (same ppl behind cimb and AA).
    if AA go down then cimb also go down. (cimb manages the financing for AA, and AA is losing money and cannot pay for the 200 aircraft)
    it is only a matter of time before AA and then cimb collapse.
    now he and top management is keeping quite- very quite
    we have to show our protest by our “votes” and our “life savings”!!!
    to safeguard our life savings, we should all stop using the services of cimb and tell that to all our friends and relatives and to pass on the message to others.

  3. "The share swap deal between Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia has been a REWARDING experience to date with good progress achieved in respect of collaboration, says AirAsia Bhd Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.
    “We have managed to set aside our differences and work together towards achieving the common goal of success and I am happy with the transaction,” he added."
    (Hmmmm, fishy, fishy)
    However, he declined to elaborate further on the matter, despite being pressed to do so here today. (NST)
    (TF declined ? somebody must be joking!!!)

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  5. MT,

    Please remove comment 10:49 due to the provided link is now totally empty. It was about CCF from a different perspective. Perhaps the owner would prefer it as a private site.

    Kunyit Hidup

  6. Someone should organize "Occupy LCCT" to protest against the Share Swap