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CONCERNED on June 13, 2012 at 9:09 am 
For MAS to turnaround and succeed, the departure of Rashdan should not be overly celebrated. Instead , Mas staff should take a good long look at themselves and the Company and ask pertinent questions about how and why the Share Swap and Collaboration could have happened in the first place. Because the TRUTH is, Mas has been a lame duck organisation for many years, subsequent top managements have come and gone with their quick fixes, but the problems that lead to Mas’s consistently dismal performance remain. It is convenient to vent anger, frustration and even hatred at the “newcomers” because it is comforting to be able to deny the fact that the rot has set in a long time ago, there are deep rooted legacy problems, the organisation is structurally not even organised to conduct the business it is supposed to do, successfully. Khazanah saw this,and perhaps in their haste, ill-placed intentions and not to forget the presence of some personal agendas on the part of our competitors and political masters, the Share swap and CCF was crafted. Think for a moment, would anyone even consider such a deal for successful airlines like SQ? No way. So, even with Rashda’s departure, is Mas magically going to turnaround and recover? No way.
So now, what next? Whilst the focus should remain on getting the revenue in,the Board should seriously addreess the structural issues starting with the people. Clean up HC first, the rot began there decades ago.

WE ARE WATCHING on June 13, 2012 at 8:01 pm
Good question. Should be answered by the custodian of all things people related, ie HC, and the Human Potential Development Department which has “Talent Management” under it. But, wait a minute, these HC people have been around for ages including the Head of HPD, and MAS has difficulty in locating or identifying qualified people within its 20,000 workforce? Back to Concerned’s posting, the rot is right there in HC. And guess what? MAS offers the Voluntary Leave Programme and does not extend VPs and up if they reach retirement age. Good ideas to trim staff costs and allow natural attrition to help reduce the numbers. BUT, in spite of Policy, HC just EXTENDED the services of the VP, Human Potential Development for another year at a salary exceeding RM20k! Talk about double standards. What is the justification for this when it is universally known how incompetent these people are? If one wants to debate the point, then answer this basic question – who among the 20,000 staff has been identified, groomed and is ready to assume the CEO’s position? The silence speaks volumes for the total lack of proper people management in the Company. So, what does HC do? Extend the services of the incompetent. What a joke.

The most sensible and honest observation on MAS. The staff are in denial mode and it is always better to blame others than ourselves. The rot is too deep everywhere.

Mas is doomed BECAUSE the employees whether management wiil never
change. Majority of the staff understand its not about merit or efficiency. From
the beginning those who want to go up must SUCK UP AND VERY HARD
indeed and majority are selfish in their career. Just look at the union with their
greedy leaders. Who made them .Even without Tony or Danny , MAS without
spoon feeding as from day one its a goner. Dont get upset by this remarks.
Take a look yourself in the mirror before blaming others why you and your
airline is nothing to be proud of.
Take note of Concerned. He has a point to ponder.

Totally agree. It is easier to blame others than yourselves. The fact is for all to see. The airline is bloated with staff, a majority of which are not really interested in helping the airline raise its profitability. The union behaves like a mafia. I am not a fan of Danny and he simply does not have the leadership skill or absolutely zero people skill. I have worked with him, and he is the worse the CEO I have ever worked with in my 23 year corporate life. But the airlines problems go way beyond Danny. And no one has the balls the make the drastic change required, especially when any CEO appointed will have to deal with the mafia union!

MAS TROUBLESHOOTERS advice to future Management;
For solutions, the decision makers and current management (excluding A.J.) need to analyse all the comments posted here;


  1. It was quite inevitable that the country’s pension funds (read: people’s savings) are being utilised to keep a company on ‘life support’.

    I am of course referring to Malaysian Airlines’ (MAS) recent announcement that their RM9.0billion bond issue has been substantially subscribed by KWAP, the pension fund for civil servants.

    People should be sick and tired of all these con job by the Government of the day and file complaints with EPF, KWAP etc afterall they are the fund contributors.

  2. Saya setuju dengan Laporan diatas. kaki tangan Mas juga Bertanggung jawab atas kemelutan Mas. Kenapa baru Sekarang baru nak usir pengurusan. Kenapa perlu guna duit aku Dan rakyat. Sudah berbillion billion habis untuk bayar gaji buta. Aku tak Halal kan , sebab itu tak berkat.

  3. Betoi, salah sorang ialah haji usop uban, 11 tahun meranapkan HC. Tendang tendang semua deadwood.

    1. Usop Uban is gone. In his place, HC promoted yet another incompetent balls carrier and tukang ampu bodek, great at tai-chi, banyak sebok but no-results, politician, who has stuck to the new Head of HC, Zahrah, like a leech. She must have fallen for his charms because if she really did a thorough check on him and his "accomplishments", she would realise what a con-man this guy is. Same thing with the VP, HPD. Isnt it so pelik, the VP overseeing Talent Management, succession planning etc, did not even groom her own successor? Or is this the strategy to get an extention? Either way, the bottom line is still the same - this VP,HPD has failed miserably to deliver on her KPIs. Therefore, in true HC tradition, what happens. She gets an extention!WE ARE CONCERNED is so correct, the ROT is really in HC.

  4. Totally agree with "Mas has been a lame duck organisation for many years, subsequent top managements have come and gone with their quick fixes, but the problems that lead to Mas’s consistently dismal performance remain."

    If the top management and BOD have any shred of honour left in them, in the light of alarming allegations of incompetence, they all must resign to save themselves and the country leaderships from further embarrassment.

  5. Yes, MAS biggest probleahistorical the middle mgmt who are balless, clueless and brainless to understand what is happenning and thus allowing MAS to deteriorate and disintegrate. All the managers and above should also be sacked for being deadwood earning gaji buta! @)&"?€¥<|>£#^{ hole$$@@|{%&)):$@(/££<~}%*+=••>. Pissed Citizen

  6. Taken from

    "IF" I'm given the chance to manage MAS as CEO, the first following steps will be taken which is to remove:

    Mohamad Rashdan a.k.a Danny Itchy Dan – Johnny Fernandez
    Ahmad Jauhari to be replaced with a better CEO who has bigger balls to roll Malaysia Airlines higher
    Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun – the infamous Pirates from AirAsia shall be terminated from Malaysia Airlines permanently.
    All MAS Current board of directors must go OUTTA Malaysia Airlines because they are making decisions favoring on AirAsia’s side.
    NUFAM/MAFAA – all crooked MAS Cabin Crew who are leaders for NUFAM and MAFAA who are taking orders and instructions from Tony Fernandez to KILL MAS Cabin Crew must be exterminated for good as they keep causing problems internally and leaking out information to AirAsia’s CEO – Tony Fernandez.
    Newcomers who are ex-AirAsia faithful employees – Azahari Bin Mohd Dahlan and Rosman Bin Omar have to go very soon before they cause Malaysia Airlines another BLASTED engines.
    Hayati Dato’ Ali – cousin sister of Danny the Nanny who keeps KLIA flooded with contract workers and vendors must go before MAS becomes a place for Vendors to nest.
    Roziah – Ahmad Jauhari’s sister must be gone for fairer industrial practice.
    Ahmad Badawi as MAS Advisor must be gone from Malaysia Airlines because he’s always on snoozing mode during meetings or else MAS would continue with another 250 years’ contract with LSG’s next generation.

    Then the following steps will be taken:
    Tan Sri Aziz will be appointed as the group chairman
    Dr Don will be the new CEO
    Review all contracts (catering, contract laborers, IT and etc) and renegotiate for better price. Should they refuse, then the contract will be terminated or MAS will reintroduce back money making facilities such as like MAS catering.
    All contracts that are found "over price", then the vendor need to reduce the cost.
    Reviewing operation for all MAS department and see where profit can be improved. All department will be given individual budget and target to ensure profitability.
    No MAS staff will be terminated during these process as all will be expected to contribute their best effort
    All fuel buying or surcharge will be renegotiated and no more buying more than the market price.
    Reviewing all flight cost to all current destination. No more flight route cancellation and those cancelled for the past 10 months will be reinstated.
    Restructuring all department and management
    Activating active marketing plan and promote MAS destinations. Budget for local and international advertisement will be a priority.
    Forming multiple business networking with other partners, associate and organization that MAS sees can be apart of.
    Restructuring MAS ticketing and customer service department.
    Firefly will be allowed to operate with freehand and get more support from MAS.
    Sharing resource with Firefly
    Blocking Khazanah management from interfering with MAS turn around plan.
    Above are just few action plan I have and for now this will be good enough because the more I reveal, you might steal my ideas. I'm sure you have plant your spies in MAS and be assured that your cronies and spies will be terminated. In my management, you will not be able to penetrate and steal corporate information like you done before.


  7. I refer to CONCERNED (June 13, 2012) and commend the writer for his thoughts. I congratulate MAS Troubleshooters for having reproduced these comments, which moves me to add that the rot starts from the head. So, when we look at the head in an organisation such as Malaysia Airlines, you will inevitably start with the Chairman and the Board. In my view, it is very timely now just a few days before the AGM, to review the function of all Board members, including the Chairman, and what might be their interest in Malaysia Airlines. Are they representing the government, self interest, are they nominees of certain interested parties etc. The success of any company depends on the efficiency of the Board in recognising and understanding the business. They should come together to reach consensus for decisions taken and be accountable and responsible for their decisions. Much has been said about the Management but very little has been said about the Board members and how they, too, have the responsibility through their own actions to help Malaysia Airlines move forward successfully. ARE THEY ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECISIONS TAKEN? ARE THEY TOGETHER OR ARE DIVIDED? Maybe, it's time to persuade the Chairman and his Board to resign. And what the hell is this appointment of Dr Mohd Don all about? It's a damn shame.

    Malaysia Airlines, for as long as I have been in the company, has been tumultuous to say the least. Much of the problem stems from lack of direction. People who are called Vice Presidents, Senior Managers and Managers will look after their own turf first. They become territorial and create inner-circles. We are full of snakes and "ulats" and these make up the numbers in this national airline.

    After getting rid of the useless Chairman who did very little to improve things as Managing Director, then we should evaluate all the VPs and Senior Managers. Oh, by the way, Mohd Don was part of the VP team in MAS during the tenure of Md Nor Yusof who was then Managing Director. How many of these members of upper management had the opportunity to move from one division to another as part of their career development process? How do they manage people? If they are technically competent, are they also people competent? Do they care for the development of their staff unbiasedly?

    As an employee, I ask, what is the direction of the company? What is the status of Malaysia Airlines? Are we a commercial airline? Are we like Singapore Airlines? Like Garuda? Like Thai Airways? Like JAL?

    To move forward as a middle-management staff who has had almost 10 years in this company, I believe it is time for us to resist interference from all parties who get in the way of focus at work. I am sick and tired of bad news. I'm sure you are, too.

    Whilst I am concerned about how the current management is handling the business, I am also reminded that many of them are new and they have come with a mission to change. Including AJ. Let's not forget that they were also chosen to take on their jobs, like you and I. Why should they bear the brunt of everybody's scorn? What has been so wonderful about all the years behind us where change was selling assets after assests to keep the company afloat? The business is clearly changing globally and we have to fit into the puzzle or we all lose our jobs.

    Let's not continue this blame culture. Let's give change a chance as a means of moving forward in our career and our company. I know we can.

  8. Well put, anon 4:33. Email us, we got something big to do.

  9. Good advice to MAS Staff and Union from

    "If the union is smart enough, perhaps they should consider a MBO. Every single employee can chip in and buy over the company. The union seems to know what is exactly the best medicine for the airline. They should own it and run it. They should put their money in what they believe!"

  10. Anonymous comment on the union is spot on. The damage done to individuals' reputation in MAS through their abusive comments and the irrepairable damage to company's image have cummulatively cost more than the losses reported by the company thus far. The individuals will find it tough to move on in their career and their family and public life is surely gravely affected. I ask if these people who are sending abusive comments know their victims personally and have worked closely with them. Or are they fanniling the fire for their own selfish interest. Hopefully following the AGM tomorrow, the management will be given a clear mandate proceed without interference.

    Hopefully also, Union and Association members especially my colleagues who are either hardly informed about what exactly is going in the union and associations should sit back and ask ourselves if we should garner support to change the union and association leadership in the same way that they have asked the management and board members to step down.

    If the union and associations care about us they would have used the money to buy MAS shares. Instead they use it to be politicians. POWER CORRUPTS. Yes, lets ask the union and association office bearers why they have not considered buying MAS shares, since this is where we are and we should believe in our National Airline, sink or float. If we don't make money its collectively our doing.

    I suggest all union and association officials who consider themselves worthy of employment to go back to their jobs and be fully employed instead of working for the union full time and getting paid by the company fully. Do union work after office hours. Otherwise resignlah and get the Union and associations to pay your gaji. We pay subscription kan? Not enough, take a pay cut.... reality is tough. I know of a few people who don't even know how to go back to engineering because they have missed all the training. Union officials maaaa, full time union matterslah, to " take care of members". REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!

  11. Dear Anon 20:38 and 07:25
    Thank you for your comment. I would not totally blame the Union, may be only 40% while the Management 60%.
    On the abusive comments, the smart ones should have studied the Company situations, the staff sentiments and the many clues esp. in blogosphere such as
    before they parachuted in or at least, they must look first before they leap.

    Yes, the Union and staff could MBO the Company or at least asks the staff to contribute and give something back to the Company. The decision makers have failed to fix MAS problems for the last 15 years and now it is time to let MAS staff worth their salt.

    P.S. I have read their proposals to BOD and they are 99.999% accurate.


    1. Shareholders asked how were the Board members picked and whether they truly add value
    2. Shareholders felt Remuneration of Directors especially EDs were excessive
    3. AJ was always blaming the fuel cost but as shareholder pointed out this affects every other airline but MAS is unable to handle this properly. Shareholders suggested to sack the fuel hedging team if they were incompetent and to get a new one.
    4. Shareholders mentioned that the changing of the logo color and the direction of the MAS to facing backward was a bad decision. One shareholder said the person who suggested this needs to be shot.
    5. Shareholder suggested those that came from Air Asia should go back if they can but he suspects they were not that good that’s why Air Asia let them go to MAS.
    6. MAS shareholders criticized the share swap and asked whether the Board really thought it was a good deal as it has shown to have only benefited Air Asia and not MAS. MAS is very much worse off today than at the time it entered into the CCF.
    7. General sentiment shareholders are unhappy with the management and Board performance as MAS share price has gone down and investors have lost money.
    8. Shareholders criticized the management for not looking into expanding into Middle East as especially Umrah flights even on other aircrats are filled with Malaysians.